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AUTHOR: Matt Chisholm     PLATFORM: PC    WEB SITE: Glyphobet Font Foundry   TERMS: Free - SIL OFL      TYPE: TTF     FEATURED


A fancy style font that flows, obviously.


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Download Flow font for PC (, 31Kb)
Due to a flaw in the SIL OFL license agreement, we cannot provide you with the download file of this font. The SIL OFL license does not allow redistribution of modified versions of the font using the Reserved Font Name. If you are the author of this font, and this was an unintended consequence of using the SIL(LY) OFL license, contact us and give us a written permission to allow Webfont conversions using the same RFN or use another license such as GNU or Apache 2.

For more information on the Flow font or the author, click here.

This font is free, donationware, or is not (yet) for sale on SimplytheBest Fonts.



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